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Annoying Coworkers

How do you deal with an annoying coworker? You already have bad workplace chemistry with this person and probably would never interact with this person if you had the choice. You must assert control over the situation and still treat this coworker respectfully.

Incompetent Coworkers

When people don’t do their share of the work, it puts a lot of stress on you. You may feel like you have to make up the extra work just so your team (and you) doesn’t get in trouble. Calm yourself and then go have a talk with your managers.

Rude Managers

Don’t be afraid to communicate when your boss does something that infuriates you. They don’t have the right to treat you condescendingly, even if they have extra stresses put on them. They may have authority over you, but they don’t have the legal right to make you miserable.

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